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"A must read for fighting leftists' socialist/progressive agenda. 

Cathi's extraordinary journey from hardcore leftist to a conservative 

pulled me emotionally into her book. She clearly understands what 

motivates those on both sides of the ideological coin; and how 

best to confront leftists' arguments." 

Lloyd Marcus, Author, "The Unhyphenated American"

 "Although I was well versed on the Communist Manifesto, the 

bailiwick of Cloward-Piven added to Alinsky's Rules for Radicals 

equaling Obama's 'fundamental transformation of America' the book 

is a terrific refresher course and the affirmation that elections have consequences. I highly recommend studying Rules for Deplorables..." 

- Curtis A. Holmes, Commissioner, City of Largo, Florida

"A thoroughly researched and documented treatise on how the extreme left operates and how conservatives can counter, using the left’s own tactics." 

- Dr. Bob Cundiff, Councilmember, City of Clearwater, Florida

"Cathi’s research is phenomenal! This book is very well written, very well researched, an easy read and very informative! I would recommend this to every conservative and liberal who wants some background in Socialism! 

- Barbara Thomson, former Deputy Commander, 2d Information Operations Battalion

"Chamberlain meticulously documents and explains the radical attempts to destroy our American Republic." 

- Stephanie Snyder, Communications Director, Ft. Myers, FL Republican National Committee

"I thought I knew a good bit about what was going on in the political world... but … this book really helped me understand so much more. I liked how the author took Saul Alinsky's tactics and explained each one clearly and then informed the reader how this is currently happening in the United States." 

A Verified Amazon Customer 5-Star Review

"Well written, easy to read and well-documented, this is a book EVERYONE should read, regardless of political affiliation. Wish we could give it 10 stars!” 

A Verified Amazon Customer 5-Star Review

“Cathi does an outstanding job explaining just what and who the current left in this country has become, pure Socialist and beyond. Every part of the book is backed up by clear sources. Whether Republican or Democrat, I highly recommend you read this book. It will … energize you to engage.” 

A Verified Amazon Customer 5-Star Review

"Kudos to the author for writing a book my husband loved and hasn’t stopped taking about! Knowledge is power and he now has facts... In today’s age of “fake news” ... “Rules for Deplorables” needs to be in everyone’s wheelhouse, whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or a free thinker." - A Verified Amazon Customer 5-Star Review

"The author has done a tremendous job of backing up her writing by referencing the factual source of subject. I like that it is easy to read and makes you really understand what is happening to divide America." 

- A Verified Amazon Customer 5-Star Review

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From: BU in Rochester, NY: "Captain Matt: Bravo Sir & Bravo Cathy the Author, you guys nailed it completely! ... Love your show and your Author Lady Cathy. Keep up the good work."

From Denver, CO: "Capt: Your 'Rules For Deplorables' Author has written a very well put together book! I ordered one from Amazon   & can't put it down.... Great show, keep up the good work! I listen on AM 710 The Answer in Denver."