about the author


Cathi Chamberlain


Cathi Chamberlain wrote the book during a year-long recovery from a traumatic work-related injury in a ladder fall while inspecting roofs after Hurricane Irma in Florida. She's a four-time start-up business owner, Florida State Building Contractor, owner of the nation's first all-female construction company, and published author of a self-help book which was featured on CNN worldwide and local news shows in Los Angeles.

That diverse experience, along with Cathi's unique perspective as a California-propagandized radical liberal early in life to a critical-thinking Conservative today. draws the reader in. Everyone can relate to the author in some way.

In writing the book and commissioning 11-year-old Braylon Lee Nance for its cover art, Cathi is determined to help protect the younger generation in America so they are ensured the same incredible opportunities and freedoms that America has afforded her own baby-Boomer generation for so many wonderful and prosperous years.

Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism could not be a more timely book.