How your donation will be spent



My "Florida Deplorable Book Tour" takes me all over 2020's pivotal state of Florida, where I live. My current schedule can be found by going to Speaking Events on the website menu. It is costly and time-consuming. But, so far, I've found it to be the best way to get my message out. With help, I can increase my speaking engagements both here and in other pivotal states right up until election day!


Getting new book-signing events means lots of networking. That costs money, too. Getting out to meet all the right people is essential. I spend a lot of my time searching for the right groups, on the telephone, emailing, etc. Not my favorite part of the job, but necessary.


I love marketing. But it costs money. Your donation will help me create and print flyers, business cards, special promo items. You can tell from the picture everything I've so far created. But, so much more is needed and needs constant reprinting.


I'm trying to become self-sufficient eventually but I'm not there yet. One way is to create additional promo items. I.e., Rules for Deplorables coffee mugs, hats, etc. I've only got shirts for sale, to date. Without your donation, the other stuff will simply not be doable. 


In this business, I've found that giveaways are essential to get the word out. Books (to decision-makers of groups and others), USB audiobooks, shirts, hats etc. can make the difference between getting an important speaking event, radio appearance, etc. This is costly and, for a start-up author, hardly affordable. With your donation, I can gain a lot more attention!